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Officers and Directors


Jack A. Wagner, CEO and Co-Chairman    NMLS #795271
Lori Haskins, Sr. Vice President and Co-Chairman
Alan Marr, Executive Vice President and Vice-Chairman    NMLS #795270
Cary R. Six, President    NMLS #795277
Danny Milligan, Executive Vice President    NMLS #795269
Debbie Umstattd, Sr. Vice President    NMLS #795273
Teresa Smith, Vice President & Branch Manager
Mary Kendrick, Vice President
Rick King, Assistant Vice President and Assistant Branch Manager    NMLS #795274
Jessica Chulufas, Assistant Cashier
Kyla Pierce, Assistant Cashier    NMLS #1369214


Kay Irvin
Lori Haskins
Lecia Irvin
Jack Wagner
Alan Marr
Danny Milligan
Leroy Edmiston
Cary R. Six
David Veit