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On October 18, 1932, a charter was granted to Adrian State Bank. In 1938, the name was changed to Adrian Bank. In 1956, A. E. Irvin purchased the bank and in 1960, he built a modern facility that included a drive-through, which is our present location. Since that time, there have been numerous changes to accommodate our growth. A branch was opened in Butler, MO, in May, 1997, and a second branch was opened in November, 2004, at Archie, MO.

Today, we feel our success is based on knowing and understanding the people and the economy in this area. Adrian Bank, which continues to be operated by the Irvin family, strives to maintain the continuity of a locally-owned bank through personalized service, together with its commitment to community and customers, which is to remain independent and to provide up-to-date products and services.

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